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CoolSign Advertising Effectiveness Study
Conducted by Next Century Media
Caesar’s Palace - November, 2000
Summary Results


NCM measured the exposure and effectiveness of the same ads two weeks in a row in Caesar’s Palace - CoolSigns (giant computer screens) one week and conventional backlit static signs the next week. NCM used observers to measure noting of signs, interviewers to measure recall and persuasion, and direct tracking of special offer redemptions to measure sales. With CoolSigns one can also exploit the ability of the creative to utilize full motion video and animation, and that will be measured in future studies; in this study the creative was held constant across the two media.


At the noting level (Advertising Research Foundation New Media Model level IV. Attentiveness) the two media scored almost identically, producing about one noter every other minute per sign on average. “Noting” was defined as the visible noticing of a sign as judged by surreptitious observers (35,313 observations). Recall (ARF level V. Communication) was higher for CoolSigns as compared to backlits for 4 out of 5 of the matched retail ads – the average difference was +37% higher for CoolSigns (400 sample per medium).

Persuasion (ARF level VI. Persuasion) was higher for CoolSigns 5 out of 5 times – with CoolSigns +51% higher on average (400 sample per medium).

Sales (ARF level VII. Sales, the highest level of the Model) was higher for CoolSigns for both of the direct marketing ads – with CoolSigns +103% higher on average (unstable estimate – low incidence of sales).

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